Adonis (Ali Ahmad Saïd Esber) was born in Quassabin, Syria, in 1930 and is now living in Paris since 1985. When he was 17, he took on the name of Adonis, the syro-phoenician vegetation deity, in order to publish a poem. Besides writing and publishing poetry to this day, his work also includes a variety of essays. What stays the same is the pseudonym. Adonis studied at the universities of Damascus and Beirut and received multiple literature awards in France, Italy, Turkey, and Lebanon. His work is characterized by his critical view on religion. Translated into German at the Sujet Verlag, his book Gewalt und Islam (2016) is a conversation between himself and psychoanalyst Houria Abdelouaed, which not only caused a sensation in France but was also controversially discussed as part of awarding the Erich-Maria-Remarque-Friedenspreis in Germany.

So far by Adonis at Sujet Verlag: Gewalt und Islam (2016)

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