Inge Buck

Inge Buck was born in Tübingen in 1936 and studied Literature and Theatre studies in Tübingen, Munich, and Vienna. After her doctorate she worked as an editor for the audio drama editorial department at Deutschlandfunk in Cologne. Furthermore, she worked as a scholar in the cultural science department at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. Inge Buck currently lives and works as an author in Bremen. She writes poems and short prose works as well as radio features. Moreover, she edited a variety of biographies and anthologies and published multiple volumes of poetry. In 1995 she was awarded with the Robert-Geissendörfer-Award and in 2017 she received the Prague literature stipend.

So far by Inge Buck at Sujet Verlag: An diesem Tag (2006), Märzlicht (2010), Oktoberlicht (2014), Die Grenzen des Sommers (2016), Unter dem Schnee (2. Aufl. 2017), Prager Tagebuch (2018), Nachtwind (2019), Nachtwind (deutsch-persisch) (2020)
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