Freydoun Farokhzad

Freydoun Farokhzad came to Germany by bus from Iran in autumn 1958. He was 22 and worked at a sausage factory in order to pay his rent. He picked up the German language exceptionally fast. After only a few moths he moved to Munich to study politics at the Geschwister-Scholl institute in the spirit of one day being able to go back to Iran and in the hope of being able to have a political career there. But fate dealt him a different hand. Farokhzad developed an interest in literature and started writing his first poems in German. His volume of poetry Andere Jahreszeiten was published for the first time in 1964 with an afterword by Johannes Bobrowski and earned many positive critiques. He even received a literature Award in Berlin for his work. Andere Jahreszeiten remains his only volume of poetry. Back in Iran he became some sort of art superstar and also started writing poems in Persian. After his flight from the war-shattered home country he became politically active, gave speeches and sang political songs. As a harsh critic of the government régime he was killed at his home in Bonn in 1992. His sister is the infamous poet Forough Farrochsad, of whom we also published a volume of poetry at Sujet Verlag.

Publications by Freydoun Farokhzad at Sujet Verlag: Andere Jahreszeit

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