Hans-Joachim Schwarz

Hans-Joachim Schwarz was born in Berlin. He studied psychology in Hamburg as well as Freiburg and philosophy in Freiburg and Berlin. He worked as psychotherapist in Bremen from 1972 to 2005. During this time he was the president of the German psychotherapist association. Schwarz received the Diotma-Honourary-Award in 2009. Furthermore, he published the psychological-biographical study Moses Mendelssohn und die Krankheit der Gelehrten in 2014. Moreover, for over ten years, he uses his creative talent in digital photo painting. In the context of this, resulted an exhibition in Berlin, Bremen, and Worpswede. 

So far Hans-Joachim Schwarz at Sujet Verlag: Bald kommen die Abendvögel (2014), Meer und Traum (2015)

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