Mathias Groll

Mathias Groll was born in Munich and studied medicine there as well. He earned his doctorate from the Max-Planck-Institute for psychiatry in Munich. Postdoctoral, he worked as a doctor for neurology, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis and contributed immensely with his work to the „Institut for Psychoanalysis Bremen“. Next to his medical career, he works in a variety of teaching positions and writes poetry, lyrical prose, and short stories. Groll currently lives in Bremen with his wife.

So far by Mathias Groll at Sujet Verlag: Bald kommen die Abendvögel (2014), Der Zikadenbaum (2017)


Erst Gesundheit, dann Gedichte (von Alexandra Knief, Weser Kurier vom 23.03.2018)

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