Gunther Gerlach

Gunter Gerlach was born in Mecklenburg in 1952. He graduated with a degree in statuary under Jan Koblasa in Kiel in 1975. Gerlach now lives in Bremen.
His works, be it sculptures or drawings, were exhibited in multiple galleries, museums, and art associations in Germany as well as international. Furthermore, he works as faculty member at the University of Bremen since 1999.

His sculpture manuscript was published at Sujet Verlag in 2017. His artistic monograph „Sculpture and Space“ (2013) was published at Himer Verlag.

So far by Gunther Gerlach at Sujet Verlag: Skulptur Manuskript (2017), …und wirft ins Meer die Silbersaat der Sterne (2018), Lichter, die aus Schatten steigen (2020)

As illustrator so far by Gunther Gerlach at Sujet Verlag: Prager Tagebuch (2018)

Gunther Gerlach’s website:

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