Suleman Taufiq

Suleman Taufiq is a German-Syrian author and known as a poet, storyteller, music critic, publicist, publisher and translator of Arabic literature. He lives in Aachen. He was born in Beirut in 1953 (his parents are from Syria) and spend his childhood in Damaskus. In 1971, after his high school graduation, he started a study program in philosophy and comparative literature in Germany. His first German volume of poetry was published in 1978. Meanwhile, his work includes more than 36 titles. Besides poems, novels, narratives and essays, he writes stories for children and translates Arabic works into German, as well as he translates numerous German poets into Arabic. Furthermore, he used to work as an author for television and radio, as for instance for WDR, hr, SWR and DLR.
In 1983, Suleman Taufiq was awarded the literature prize of the city Aachen. Moreover, he is a double scholarship holder from the ministry of education of NRW. In 2015, he was nominated for the European CIVIS radio award, and he received the media price of the professional association of pediatricians in the category of radio.

So far published by Suleman Taufiq at Sujet Verlag: Ich zähme die Hoffnung (2017), Fremde Welt (2019), Josef hat Geburtstag (2020)

So far translated by Suleman Taufiq for Sujet Verlag: Ich verbrenne die Zeit (2018), Kurz vor dreißig, …küss mich (2019), Ich wäre so gern ein Betonmischer (2020)

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