Schirin Nowrousian

Schirin Nowrousian was born and raised in the Ruhr region, Germany. She currently lives in Bremen’s ‚Umzu’. Nowrousian studied Romance studies, German studies, and art history in Germany and France (Mainz, Dijon, Berlin), as well as theatre, literature, and translation studies in Paris. She worked at University of Vilnius in Lithuania between September 2014 and August 2017. Beside publishing her poetry in literary journals, anthologies, and special editions in Germany, Belgium, the United States, Great Britain, and Lithuania, she published her debut-volume Ziryabs Gnu which is bilingual (German-English) including an audio-CD at Farpoint Recordings in Dublin in 2008. Nowrousian’s second and third volumes of poetry Ast – است and Aus Paris heute… were published at Sujet Verlag in June 2012 (2. edit. 2016) Together with Ziryabs Gnu they form the trilogy of ‚grasp’.
Her fourth volume of poetry is called Gläserne Fehde .

So far published by Schirin Nowrousian at Sujet Verlag: Ast (2.Aufl. 2016), Aus Paris heute… (2.Aufl. 2016), Gläserne Fehde (2019)

So far translated by Schirin Nowrousian for Sujet Verlag: Der Wiederaufbau (2012)

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