Ulrike Gies

Ulrike Gies was born in Dortmund in 1953 and studied sociology, communication science, and philosophy in Münster. She writes since 1980 and started off with prose and later on added poetry to her work as well. After multiple publications in magazines, anthologies, and on radio broadcasts, she published her first novel Perspektiven der Zeitverschiebung (Berlin, 1988) and her volume of poetry Störamöben (Berlin, 1994). Ulrike Gies deceased in September 2020.

So far by Ulrike Gies at Sujet Verlag: Was ich mir selbst sage – Band 1, Band 2, Band 3 (2009), Stille Sturm Schachtel (2010), Meerfamilie (2011), Katzenart (2011), Bremen verdichtet (2013), Ernstrosen (2. Aufl. 2013), Der Tod, ein Volksfest (2014), KatzenArt II (2016), Dann sind wir auf der Erde erwartet worden (2017), Kochbuch der Toten (2018)

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