Witha Winter von Gregory

Witha Winter von Gregory studied sociology, politics and French literature in Munich, Paris and Konstanz. She spent a year at Yale University in the United States as a DAAD scholarship holder. Since 1974, she lives and works in Bremen. From 1979 until 1994, she taught and conducted research at the University Bremen. After a one-year coöperation at a development project in Rwanda, and a solar furnace construction project lasting several weeks in Namibia, she accepted the offer to conceptualize and carry out educational services in the Evanglishes Bildungswerk Bremen. She initiates sponsorship with the Bildungswerk since 2000, as well as since 2006 with the information center for human rights and the development of the Kultur-Mitmach-Märkte at Garten der Menschenrechte in the Rhododendronpark in Bremen. In all phases of her occupational engagement, she supported the three generations of her family. 

So far by Witha Winter von Gregory at Sujet Verlag: Der Garten der Menschenrechte (2014)

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