Iranian Evenings 2018

A country is more than just the news which are broadcasted, and more than just stereotypes which are spread. This is why it is time to find a different access. We think: The art and literature of the countrymen should speak for them. Sujet Verlag aims to build bridges between the German world and the far away, unfamiliar Iran.

On this account, we organized a series of events which took place in Bremen and Oldenburg in September 2018. The diverse program included book readings, film screenings a staged reading and enriching conversations. It was aimed to present Iran in a new way. We tried to contribute to the inter-cultural dialogue and to support understanding of foreign cultures.

Here, you can find all the information of the Iranian Events 2018, their individual events, authors and books!

Procedure of the Iranian Events 2018

4th September


Opening event: Reading with Mitra Gaast of her new work “Denn du wirst dich erinnern – Wiederkehr nach Teheran” at the bookstore Franz Leuwer.


Tuesday, 4th September, was a wonderful evening with Mitra Gaast reading from her newest novel “Denn du wirst dich erinnern” at the bookstore Leuwer. We want to thank Angelika Plückebaum from the bookstore Franz Leuwer, Jens Laloire as the moderator and Rainer Schmidt from the cultural authority for their help and support!

Furthermore, Mitra Gaast was a guest at the radio program Bremen Zwei and spoke about her novel. You can find this here in our blog, or you can directly listen to her feature:

6th September 


Staged reading with Pedro Kadivar from his latest work “Kleines Buch der Migrationen” in the Schwankhalle (Bremen)


On the 6th September, we were able to experience a thrilling and special reading by Pedro Kadivar from his book “Kleines Buch der Migrationen” in the course of the Iranian events. The audience could enthusiastically watch Kadivar reading from his book, while musical and theatrical emphasis established a great atmosphere.

We are glad that we had the opportunity to work with Pedro Kadivar and with the Schwankhalle, with the team of sehnsuchteuropa /steptext dance project with Kerstin Witges and with the Shakespeare Company. A sincere thank you to everyone who helped making this possible!


Here you find the book mentioned above!

11th September 

Film screening of “Manuscripts don’t burn” at Kino 46 (Bremen)

 13th September 

Reading with Mahmood Falaki from his latest work “Tödliche Fremde” at the Ev. Kirchengemeinde Stuhr


On the 13th September we were able to listen to an interesting book reading of Mahmood Falaki in the course of the Iranian events. At the Ev. Kirchengemeinde Stuhr, a lot of guests gathered to listen to Mahmood Falaki reading from his novel “Tödliche Fremde”. Afterwards, they could engage in a few discussions.

We want to thank Wolfgang Schlott for the moderation and Horst Lilienthal for his great support!

Here you can find an article of the Weserkurier!

Here you can find the book “Tödliche Fremde”!

 14th September 

Opening in Oldenburg: Presentation about Iran with music – Reading with Mahmood Falaki from his work “Ich bin Ausländer und das ist auch gut so” at PFL Oldenburg

16th September 

Bilingual Lyricmatinée: Reading at Villa Ichon (Bremen)

Pegah Ahmadi Wucht; Inge Buck Unter dem Schnee; Schirin Nowrousian – Poems; Forough Farrochsad Jene Tage (read by Kurt Scharf)

On Sunday the 14th  September, we organized a wonderful morning where Pegah Ahmadi, Inge Buck, Kurt Scharf and Schirin Nowrousian fascinated the audience with individual readings. Afterwards, there was a round of talks with a lively discussion.

We want to thank all the participants who were part of the event, especially Schirin Nowrousian, who moderated the Lyrikmatinée. Moreover, we want to thank the Villa Ichon for their coöperation and the great collaboration!

17th September 

Reading with Fariba Vafi from her latest work “Der Traum von Tibet” at PFL Oldenburg

18th September 

Reading with Fariba Vafi from her latest work “Der Traum von Tibet” at Villa Sponte (Bremen)


On the 17th and 18th September we could welcome Iranian Fariba Vafi, who was awarded with the LiBeraturpreis, in Oldenburg. Throughout the course of the Iranian events, she had two readings of her brand-new novel “Der Traum von Tibet”. The audience was particularly impressed by the bilingualism of the readings – we want to thank Jutta Himmelreich for the wonderful translation and collaboration!

Furthermore, we want to thank the teams of the Villa Ichon and Villa Sponte for their great support and the opportunity to hold the events at those beautiful premises. Additionally, we want to thank the two moderators of the evening: Claudia Wronna and Dr. Silke Behl!

Here you can find “Der Traum von Tibet”

21st September 

Final event: Film screening of “Kein Anschluss unter dieser Nummer” with Erzählcafé at PFL Oldenburg

For a complete and compact overview of the series of events we created a documentary booklet:

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