Jabbar Abdullah

Jabbar Abdullah is an archeologist, author and curator from Syria. Already by the end of 2012, when he was 24 years old, he had to flee from Raqqa to Alexandria. There, he studied in his master degree and came to Cologne in 2014, where he lives ever since. Additionally to his work at the Roman-German museum, he is very active in the Syrian-German culture scene. He curates art exhibitions and literature festivals and engages in cultural exchange and successful integration. Besides numerous actions he initiated, he is also co-founder and second chairman of the association 17_3_17, which aims to support German and Syrian cultural exchange. 

Thus far released by Sujet Verlag: Raqqa am Rhein (2020)

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  1. Marcel Hollenstein

    Guten Tag
    Habe gestern per Zufall, die Lesung (WDR5) aus dem Buch gehört.
    Der unprätentiöse Text ist sehr eindrücklich. Das Buch ist schon bestellt.
    Vielen Dank und freundliche Grüsse
    Marcel Hollenstein


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